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Friday, September 21, 2018

Legal Advice

The legal skills are essential to practise fully its own strategies. The “Legal Advice” section of Bright Business Consulting LLP is characterized by a high level of competence in every subject of the chinese Law as concerns economy and for a clear international and comparative attitude, quality that allows to offer, to the highest levels counselling services and juridical and extra-juridical legal advice for our customers.

Our company provides “Legal Advice” both in international and particularly within chinese boundaries thanks to the collaboration with credited local skilled staff as result of a long selection developed in carrying out its own activities. Companies and private will thus be addressed to the most suitable professional man for that case.

Bright Business Consulting LLP coordinates the work sustaining and supporting the companies and the private who intend to settle down in China. Efficiency and good result in every intervention are often result of a good team that must include people skilled in both domestic and international business law as refers to import/export.

Legal advice aimed at purchasing properties or selling them, including the preparation of a report of ”Due Diligence”  as well as preparing purchase or sale contracts of properties on the international market, establishing  time-sharing companies , “Legal Advice” to achieve the parcel of grounds into lots are matters and activities that need the intervention of a skilled staff. Bright Business Consulting LLP through its skills and its audit provides  ”Warranty & Assistance”. It is our staff’s task to prepare and verify the preparation of purchase contracts, carry out the necessary controls so that they can warrant the legality of the debt properties and the conditions that must be accepted to be sold and to deal with the planning problems and their fulfilment.

All the activities that must be fulfilled sometimes requires advice as regards tax matters, so it will be necessary to this extent to work together with the customer in order to agree on the best options according to their own individual conditions by planning ad hoc “Tax Planning” or establish the company to its best.

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