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Friday, September 21, 2018

Counselling Aimed at Immigration & Permanent Visa

More and more EU citizens and non-EU countries in recent years have chosen China as a tourist destination but also as a working alternative to escape from the crisis. Whatever the reason or duration of the visit, we must get a visa to be allowed in China. The production of "Permanent Visa" is not so easy to manage, first depending on the competent authorities in the examination of applications, those concerning the “Permanent Visa”, which the National interests are predominant to the motivations of the foreigner investor, then the rather long and complex administrative issue procedure that requires skill and specific knowledge for the correct compilation, presentation of the documentation in order to ensure wide margins to issue the visa.

If only there is a missing a stamp or if a signature is not affixed in the correct space, or if a document is not delivered to a not responsible office, so the whole procedure may be cancelled with the result for the foreign subject that he can no longer stay in the Chinaian territory. So becomes important the “Warranty &  Assistance”  that Bright Business Consulting LLP has to offer in this regard,  to ensure the greatest certainty about obtaining a visa for your needs.

The entry and stay of foreigners in Chinaian territory depends on the type of visa issued by the competent authorities. There are different types of visas that allow you to stay in China, however examining the individual cases is  responsibility of the competent authorities.

The four types of “Visa” are:

  • Diplomatic.
  • Courtesy.
  • Service.
  • Regular. The ordinary visa is divided into eight categories according to the intention of the trip to China.

The new Immigration Act of the Republic of China (Entry-Exit Administration Law) entered into force on July 1, 2013 provides for the application of stricter measures against foreigners transiting or residing illegally in the Country. Fines were established and in severe cases even arrests.

Bright Business Consulting LLP provides “Warranty & Assistance” for documentation regarding visas to stay in China, studying the best solutions to the customer. Particular attention to the issue of "D Visa" and "Z Visa" directed respectively to foreigners who intend to reside permanently in China and those who travel to China for business purposes, as well as the "F Visa" aimed instead to those who go to China for visits related to non-commercial activities, scientific-technical visits, cultural exchanges and "M Visa" issued to people heading for China on business and commercial purposes.


To those who have a valid passport, and travel to Hong Kong to visit, tourism or business purposes for a period not exceeding 90 days, you do not need a visa. The latter is indispensable for those who wish to reside in Hong Kong for more than 90 days for reasons of work or study. Because of the need of authorization of the - Immigration Department of the Hong Kong - the waiting time for the release of this visa is not too short, it is therefore essential to be assisted in order to avoid errors that could cause other delays.

For officers, directors or business managers who want to play in full autonomy and maintain such offices the essential condition is the granting of visa. In the event of an impediment or denial of the "Permanent Visa" Bright Business Consulting LLP provides “Warranty & Assistance” for the recruitment of a trustworthy entity with appropriate credentials to fill such positions, thus ensuring the continuity of corporate management.

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