Trust & Service Confidence

Friday, September 21, 2018

Trust & Service Confidence


BBC-LLP offers its Customer expertise in International legal fields to fully put its unique and personal strategies into practice. Drafting an appropriate contract and/or examining it, together with fiduciary Services, which guarantee confidentiality before, during and after the Assignment is done, are indispensable elements to face International global and modern markets. Among the subjects that characterize this specific Core Business, we highlight our respective Services and their consultancy in the field:

  • CONTRACTS: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services, thanks to BBC-LLP Individuals' International legal expertise, featuring a deep knowledge in all branches of Business, Commercial and Corporate Law).
  • TRADEMARK'S REGISTRATION: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer a specific Service, fundamental for any people aiming at producing, offering and selling their products and services or developing an activity, which is an international "Trademark's Registration". Given the heavy administrative procedure, BBC-LLP is the right partner for getting "Warranty & Assistance" throughout the whole process of marks' filing and registering).
  • TRUSTEE SERVICE: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer exclusive Services to anyone looking forward to protecting both his company and his privacy, no matter where he works, keeping it all legally anonymous).
  • BANK ACCOUNTS' OPENING: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific advice and assistance to open an international bank account, given that in his Country of residence it is a common and easy task, while it is complex when he needs to open a bank account abroad).
  • TRUSTS' CONSTITUTION: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific advice and assistance for any flexible, dynamic, multitasking and absolutely customised financial tool, e.g. real estate trusts, people with disabilities' trusts, family trusts, corporate trusts and warranty trusts).
  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT'S ADVICE: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer a supporting Service for businesses and companies which struggle with their capitals' management downturn, through financial tools and incentives offered by the market in compliance with the Law).
  • LEGAL ADVICE: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services, given its Individuals' international expertise in legal issues, featuring both a deep knowledge in all areas of Business, Commercial and Corporate Law and a strong vocation to legal and extrajudicial advice).

CONFIDENCE - Trust & Service Confidence: BBC-LLP operates all-round internationally. However, for specific information regarding the United Kingdom, BrazilChina and United Arab Emirates - UAE, you can visit our respective Sites.

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