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Friday, September 21, 2018

Counselling Aimed at Company Investigations and Commercial Information

Fundamental to any person who wishes to product, propose and sell their products, services and/or develop any activity in China, is to protect the brand through the Mark Registration”, to this purpose Bright Business Consulting LLP offers support in this type of activity. In China is applied an elementary principle: the rightful owner of the trademark is who records first, then maintaining sovereignty. Bright Business Consulting LLP sets itself as the ideal company, on the one hand to cope with a deposit process and on the other hand to carry out a preliminary market research with suitable “Warranty & Assistance”  thus finding suitable commercial information useful to identify the possible existence of similar trademarks that might somehow hinder the registration of your own also to deal with the whole process to ensure its sovereignty.

These are the main types of contract,where Bright Business Consulting LLP introduces itself as suitable partner for the planning and drawing up,  arranged for the specific circumstance:


Efficient development of the sale channel and commercial agency:

  • Contract of agency and distribution.
  • Contract of commercial agency.
  • Contract of franchising.
  • Contract of international sale.
  • Contract of drop shipping.
  • Advantages: low risk for the company – no investment costs.
  • Risks: high import costs – no commercial strategy.

Given the large size of China it is important to be cautious in entrusting tasks, contracts, distribution of its products or exclusive services in the whole Chinese territory to only one agent or distributor.

Normally a widespread commercial network allows to achieve better results.  In both circumstances it is wise to develop preparatory company investigations, useful to collect commercial information useful both to evaluations and to the possible  contract planning and drawing up.


Strategic and operative and company management:

  • Advantages: direct presence on the ground – direct analysis of the market – management of the commercial policies – reasonable costs.
  • Risks: high import costs - logistics – long times.

China has opened the domestic trade to foreign investment, allowing the establishment of foreign invested companies, the so defined - Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE) -, commercial companies that may be established either in the form of Joint Venture (JV),both in the form of companies wholly based on foreign capital (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise - WFOE) by foreign companies, enterprises or economic organizations and individuals.

In compliance with capital requirements, investment and duration, FICE can operate in the field of distribution on the basis of agency agreements, in wholesale and retail as well as in the franchise business.

A commercial company allows to achieve excellent results being this the right compromise for a foreign company that wants to know and test a new market, an accurate ”Business Plan” , so it is the main document to refer. Yet is good to develop preliminary commercial investigations, useful to collect commercial information necessary to ascertain if the choice of starting up a mere commercial unity is extenuating or winning according to the case, thus pursuing the planning or the drawing up of contracts suitable to the specific case.


Management and customer support in all the stages of the process, from searching the suitable premises to production and product distribution:

  • Selection of the suppliers and machinery purchase.
  • Financial resources.
  • Public financing to various levels.
  • Human resources.
  • Computer and management organization.
  • Advantages: better competitiveness – abolition of customs barriers – reduced feedback times- widening of the market and of the catalogue – organization management – drastic remedy.
  • Risks: high investments - organization management - drastic remedy.

Given the large size of China, the presence of Autonomous Regions and of – Zones with a Special Economic Development - the opportunities of access to credit, financing and “Tax Incentives”  are different among the various areas. This requires that some areas facilitate some production more than other ones. On the other hand, it is necessary to start a preliminary investigation activity, useful to collect commercial information, aimed at ascertain which region is the most convenient one to settle one’s own production unity, from here going on for all the steps up to the planning and drawing up of contracts  suitable to the specific case.


Consolidated skills in identifying the winning features for a successful partnership are:

  • Company share acquisition.
  • Definition of strenght relationships.
  • Definition of common purposes.
  • Exit strategy.
  • Licensing with the head office.
  • Advantages: reduced times of penetration – defined commercial channel – abolition of the customs barriers.
  • Risks: difficulties in the management – choice of reliable partners - know-how risk – control.

It is opportunity that somehow turns out to be the best choice as it allows to collaborate among the involved parties by joining their mutual skills and abilities, thus achieving success or lack of success, that are caused by trivial reasons: it is therefore useful to balance this kind of partnership, drafting written and clear  business plans. To this extent it is necessary to develop preliminary company investigations aimed at collecting the  commercial information necessary to ascertain whether the patner selections that must apply to a “Joint Venture”, thus planning and drawing up contracts  suitable to the specific case.

Being the “Company Investigation and Commercial Information” neuralgic issues and strategic to a business, through established synergies, as well as directly through specific expertise gained in the area, Bright Business Consulting LLP takes the customer to a careful structuring of the business, or rationalization of the same. Bright Business Consulting LLP is also the creator and author of - Park of European Excellence Project (PEE PROJECT) -, a project aimed at "Contact, Support and Business in International Markets" with particular attention and specific skills to China, so that valid arguments become real opportunities for the company.

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