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Friday, September 21, 2018

Business Intelligence

To this purpose Bright Business Consulting LLP offers privacy, "Warranty & Assistance" with the service of "Business Intelligence" which is translated into a number of different actions in relation to the different phases and operational management,, which make the development of a project, services of identification of International partners, gathering sensitive information on foreign companies, custom processing of lists and names of traders, looking for customers and business partners, statistical and market surveys are activities for which it is necessary that specific service . The activity of "Business Intelligence" also exists in assisting in the development of commercial activities or the opening of exhibitions or commercial agencies, participation in international tenders, trade fairs, organizing business meetings as well as for the production plants of any kind.

 A thorough analysis of the costs of import regulations in the "Country" is preparatory to check the sustainability of a "Business Plan" and its consequent operational effectiveness. To this purpose, Bright Business Consulting offers its clients the opportunity to make a preliminary analysis of the costs of import regulations in the Country with a focus on taxation.

Tax and compilation of draft contract counselling are indispensable for a company that must interact in a territory where the right knowledge is crucial to its image and its success.

Feasibility Study for the Set-Up of Business

Bright Business Consultig LLP is able to offer the best support to firms and to all those ones who wish to start up their own business way.

The useful purpose of a feasibility study for the set-up of the business, has as its aim the examination of Customers' businesses way, transforming it is thinking and assumptions in elements that allow the Parties to consider how to continue the project.

A thorough check-up allows us to analyze the compliance of the services or products regarding to standards, as well as checking any regulations, certifications, documentation and so forth.

 Although occupying creative time, a study conducted well, is strategic to the success of the set-up of the business.

In this circumstance, Bright Business Consulting LLP is a crucial partner, offering its Customer a great experience in international markets.

Trade Missions and/or Business Missions

Bright Business Consulting LLP organizes Trade Missions and/or Business Missions as tools for successful strategy to penetrate International Markets.

The aforementioned Missions are aimed at Countries where Bright Business Consulting LLP works diligently:

  • United Kingdom.
  • Brazil.
  • China.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Other markets under specific opportunities.

There are two different kinds of Services:

Exploratory Missions: which are planned in order to find useful direct information, which are critical for deciding the three fundamental conditions at the base of any commercial project and its businecc developement: pragmatism, sustainability and stability. This type of mission is commonly favored by companies that have decided to establish theri headquarters and/or representative office in the market where they are interested in, obliged to meet potential business partners and establish a company or a joint venture with them.

Trade Missions: which are organized in order to get immediatly contacts with a number of potential business partners and/or customers, therefore crediting the company and its services and/or products towards the formalization of distribution and/or sales agreements.

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