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Friday, September 21, 2018

Marketing & Asset Company


BBC-LLP consolidated significant expertise in international global markets. Commercial information, its evaluation and its analysis have become indispensable elements to support a company both aiming at expanding successfully in international and global markets and at reducing risks and resources. Among the subjects that characterize this specific Core Business, we highlight our Services and the respective consultancy in the following fields:

  • CORPORATE AND BUSINESS SURVEYS: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services to corporate and business surveys which have different purposes, e.g. how to choose the best sales channel, how to rapresent a company well in its market, how to identify the correct partner/s).
  • BUSINESS PLAN: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services to prepare a "Business Plan", structuring it as dictated by our Customer's needs. A "Business Plan" is not only an instrument of economic and financial planning: in fact, it represents the company's contents or its projects. Drafting and balance are strategic elements that BBC-LLP marks as its main features).
  • DUE DILIGENCE: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer a Service which is organized to collect and verify financial, economic, managerial, strategic, fiscal and environmental information referred to a firm, in order to get its detailed profile).
  • BUSINESS EVALUATIONS AND CORPORATE FEES: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services, as well as a great international experience in assessment techniques and business shares, which apply precise international standards of evaluation). 
  • RESOURCES' PROVIDING: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer a supporting Service through an international research process of resources to implement a project in every way, i.e. identifying appropriate modalities for opening credit lines, accessing to stipulated or privileged credit, getting potential investors and so forth).
  • EXTRAORDINARY CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING'S TRANSACTIONS: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services intended to extraordinary transactions, such as corporate restructuring, transfers, changes, mergers, spin-offs, any other corporate changes, rents and sales, company shares, generational transitions and so forth).
  • FORFAITING: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer a unique Service through cooperation, i.e. short-term financing tools consisting of export credits' assignments without recourse, getting significant management and economic benefits for our Customer).

MARKETING – Marketing & Asset Company: BBC-LLP operates all-round internationally. However, for specific information regarding the United Kingdom, BrazilChina and United Arab Emirates - UAE, you can visit our respective Sites.


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