Formation Company & Tax Advisory

Friday, September 21, 2018

Formation Company & Tax Advisory

BBC-LLP supports its Customer in choosing both policies and instruments to adopt in relation to his business, in order to ensure the management's economic balance on the whole. International global and modern markets increasingly require planning, evaluation and analysis which are right now indispensable elements to support companies, in order to expand successfully in those markets.

Among the subjects featuring this specific Core Business, we highlight the following Services and consultancy:

  • CORPORATE CONSTITUTION: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer assistance in the establishment of international companies in: The United Kingdom and Ireland, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates - UAE, Belize, Panama, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Cyprus , Seychelles, Singapore, Delawaree Nevis and other Countries).
  • INTERNATIONAL IVA / VAT: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services for opening a VAT in the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, and/or a similar position internationally).
  • HEADQUARTERS' SERVICES: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer numerous administrative Services, internationally).
  • COMPANY CLOSURE: (Closure of a company, especially in the UK, must comply with the right technical plan. BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services to address its different phases, e.g. a "foreclosure" sparing the company some management procedures. Assistance is extended internationally to other Countries, in compliance with their regulations). 
  • INTERNATIONAL TREATIES: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific consulting Services and assistance to solve every issue and procedural /administrative aspects related to benefits' application of international treaties, e.g. those against double taxation). 
  • INTERNATIONAL TAXATION: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific Services internationally, which are prodromal to identify the most suitable Country for establishing a stable company and annexed affiliates. Moreover, it helps its Customer in defining tax strategies).
  • ANALYSIS OF OPERATIONS: (BBC-LLP offers its Customer specific consulting Services, support, and analysis relating to each operation to be carried out internationally, e.g. business planning, scheduling and tax organisation involving tax havens).

BUSINESS – Formation Company & Tax Advisory: BBC-LLP works all-round internationally. However, to get specific information regarding the United Kingdom , BrazilChina and United Arab Emirates - UAE, you can visit our respective Sites.


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