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Friday, September 21, 2018

Emerging Markets

In the common parlance of politics, of business as well as in the daily news, we often refer to certain Countries around the world talking about them as "Emerging Markets". The definition is very broad and vague, in some circumstances the opportunities that lie ahead in the territories are not caught with immediacy.

The branch of Bright Business Consulting LLP dedicated to "Emerging Markets" was created and developed over time thanks to the skills and knowledge in the international field that have gradually been joined to the socio/political, strategic and essential relationships in helping them and of any accompanying subject whether physical or legal, in these Countries.

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rosso Emerging Market following by BBC-LLP (Brazil, China and United Arab Emirates).
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oro Branch of BBC-LLP (Miami, New York, Milano, Valletta, Sao Luiz, Rio de Janerio, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong).

The total numbers and the analysis allow to observe the present and future needs of these territories, as well as the needs of their domestic market establishing the true chance open to those who grasp it.

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and therefore domestic consumption in few of these Countries are growing in percentage terms similar to those of America in the '30s and with that, is also growing any kind of request that naturally leads to a constant and exponential increase of all kinds of requirements.

The fate for some of these Countries is already more than deposed; Countries such as Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, India, Somalia, Russia, Argentina, Mexico and Peru are the most important "Emerging Markets" in the world.The main international indicators place Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, respectively, as the basic and most constant "Emerging Market" in the globe. What is most striking in Brazil is its immensity, while what associates Brazil with the United Arab Emirates is political stability and the multiplicity of factors such as: climate, environment, economic development and social and, not least element, the same population.

The same indicators, however, identify China a as the main engine of the "Emerging Markets".

The geographical dimension and the unparalleled amount of inhabitants (about 1,350,000,000, of which 1,200,000 belong to the "well-off" social class still rising and numerically incomparable to other Countries around the globe) are elements of characterization that distinguish high this Country if you compare it to others. The domestic economy, in fibrillation, has become demanding: it requires more and more European conditions and standards and boasts the most impressive economic development in the world. What impresses in this Country is not only its immensity, but even more its reactivity.

Therefore, Brazil, China and United Arab Emirates are Countries to watch with great interest and three "Emerging Markets" different from each other but having in common the difficult settlement procedure. The opportunities you should seize are many and different: being successful in setting up a business in these Countries requires skills and knowledge of the balances present in these territories.

The opportunities in the "Emerging Markets" are addressed to companies, professionals and individuals who, through the London office and its operational branches located in the world can find in Bright Business Consulting LLP a suitable partner to deal with and operate properly in these Countries.

Contact, support and business in the "International Markets" are the aims of the project "European Excellence Park - PEE" that in the environment of "International Markets" and "Emerging Markets"  is the most congenial and helpful instrument to accompany an European company or entrepreneur, of all sizes, interested in operating outside its Country of origin.

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Emerging Markets


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