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Friday, September 21, 2018

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BBC-LLP - Bright Business Consulting LLP is an Anglo-Saxon company based in London that provides counselling services in the international field. It was developed from the idea some highly regarded professional men had to share their experiences and skills after some years and in different fields at international scale in order to offer them to corporate bodies, to physical persons or free professional men intending to set up businesses all over the world.

The company with its own department named "China" addresses to companies, to free professional men or to private ones its own counselling services as regards commercial strategies, fiscal and legal audits, specifically aimed at this Country. Asking for help to a professional staff like this one that has high skills and knowledge and offers the highest counselling and assistance in China may be really successful for the fulfilment of the purposes. Skills and deep knowledge of the national institutions present on the Chinese territory, as well as the contact with Embassies, Consulates, Chambers of Commerce is very important.

Thanks to the web of contacts in the country, Bright Business Consulting LLP has developed relationships and accreditations that allow support to customers in this country by answering in a practical way to the different requirements. We can warrant our customers the utmost secrecy throughout the whole operative procedure. Our main aim to the customer satisfaction is being successful in the result achievement. Every need is analysed and managed in a personalised way.

BBC-LLP has developed a meaningful experience in the Chinese field so that it has become the ideal interlocutor for all those who intend approach the Chinese market or those who already have businesses there.

Our company operates to support competitiveness of the economical and entrepreneurial system in the Chinese Market, by supporting and assisting physical persons, corporate bodies or free professional men in this situation, as well as counselling and in case supporting the client for establishing a new company. BBC-LLP is the answer to the challenge that comes from a more and more complicated market that is in constant development: this is possible thanks to the experience of a skilled staff in several fields that are able to pick up all the implications and the changes concerning competitiveness.

Our Core Business:


Knowledge is the heritage of our wealth so it helps to enhance efficiency with our "Core Business", developing in their hearts specific topics included in their "Interest Areas":

  • Formation Company & Tax Advisory
  • Marketing & Asset Company
  • Trust & Service Confidence


Company Formations In China

Practices For Visa Permanent

Deposit & Trademark Registration In China

Emerging Markets


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